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Our Story


How we started


Bikini Reef swimwear started with a passion to find something new. We wanted to find new refreshing brands that got us excited about the Summer ahead. It turnt in to an obsession. Literally spending most of our free time looking for swimwear we LOVED!

When it was time to put the bikinis away and get back to reality, we still found ourselves looking at what was coming up for the next season. Tuning in to Miami swimwear week and looking out for the latest colour, styles and trends, to a point where we started to get an interest in to what swimwear we wore and where to purchase them. Thats when we contacted our favourite brands to help make these exotic styles easily accessable in the Uk, as most of these companys are based in Australia, Usa, Spain and Brazil.

We previously traded under the name of "PeachBums Swimwear". We put our heart and souls in to that project and it became successful enough to start a celebrity interest. Last summer was by far our most exciting year as our swimwear appeared all over social media, magazines and the daily mail. In 2015 we changed our name and image and hoped to brand our way in to 2015 with our new name "Bikini Reef".



The Bikini Reef Team


Our Brand?​​

As a company, we aim to provide a great online customer service , that are here to help with any question given. Swimwear can be a difficult item to shop for ,as there are so many body shapes and sizes. At Bikini Reef, we embrace the fact that everyone is different and believe there is a swimsuit out there for everyone! 

Body confidence is the key, so when selecting our stockists we take our customers feedback and our own experiences in mind and select swimwear for real woman.


Our beachwear and clothing is completely handmade and designed by the Bikini Reef Team. Purposely made in a very wide range of colours we hope to provide an easy shopping experience, that allows you to match your swimwear perfectly with your cover-up.